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LEFT BEHIND in The Venetian Casino Data Center (Really!)

They make it look so complicated in the movies.  Detailed covert operations with the intent to hack into a casino’s mainframe preceeded by weeks of staged planned rehearsals, but I’m here to tell you it’s much easier than that.   This is my story of how I had 20 seconds of complete access to The Venetian

New BL465c G7 and BL685c G7 (New Features)

Along with the Intel blade server announcements, Tuesday HP also announced two new AMD based blades, the BL465c G7 and BL685G7.  Although originally viewed as a refresh of their existing AMD blade servers, while at the HP Tech Forum in Las Vegas, I found there were a few interesting facts.  Let’s take a look.

Mark Potter Reveals New HP BladeSystem Products – 6/21/2010 (#hptf)

At the 2010 HP Tech Forum press release on Monday, June 21, 2010, new HP BladeSystem products were announced. In the following video, Mark Potter, Vice President of HP Industry Standard Servers, reveals the newest HP BladeSystem products.

(UPDATED) FIRST LOOK: HP's New Blade Servers and Converged Switch

(Updated  6/22/2010, 1:00 a.m. Pacific, with updated BL620 image and 2nd Switch pic) As expected, HP announced today new blade servers to their BladeSystem lineup as well as a new converged switch for their chassis. Everyone expected updates to the BL460 and BL490, the BL2x220c and even the BL680 blade servers, but the BL620 G7

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