As we wrap up 2010, I wanted to say thanks to the people who continue to support this blog.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend several trips and meet dozens of people in the technology blogger world, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  I have several blog stories in the works for the first part of January 2011, starting with a complete write up of HP and IBM blade offerings after which I will finish up with a summary giving my opinion on who has the best blade server, so stay tuned.  As part of my final blog posting for 2010, I thought it would be fun to give you some details about and what  was hot, and what was not, so here we go.

BladesMadeSimple 2010 Statistics

# of Blog Posts: 114

# of Comments: 579

# of Tags Used: 428

# of Categories on the site: 16

# of fights started by Cisco fans: 482 (estimated)

# of site hits (as of 10:55 a.m. 12/31/2010):  186,764

# of countries / territories visitors came from: 107

Top Viewed Blog Post: Tolly Report: HP Flex-10 vs Cisco UCS (Network Bandwidth Scalability Comparison)

Least Viewed Blog Post: IBM Helps Use Blade Servers to Fight Fires

Top Referrer (to

2nd Top Referrer: (Internal HP Website)

Top Search Term: “blade server”

2nd Top Search Term: “ibm hx5″

Top Click Through: (from blog post about HP blades used for the production of Avatar:

Interesting stuff, isn’t it?  I look forward to a great 2011 and I wish you all the best!  Thanks for your support.

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  • Anonymous

    Kevin ,

    thanks a lot for usefull stuff this year

    Looking forward for 2011

    Happy New Year from Israel

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  • Anonymous

    This is yet another post of yours that shows exactly where you stand. If you sit back and look at your own posts you will see that you set the stage for the HP or IBM (mostly HP) against Cisco comments and then you make a comment like “# of fights started by Cisco fans: 482 (estimated)” when in reality it is “# of fights started by a big HP fan”.

    This year has been a great year for my company in terms of migrating to blades (Cisco blades I might add in a shop that was 100% HP for Intel/AMD including HP blade chassis). We have a great success story and most of your writings are anti Cisco.

    When I first started reading this site I thought it would help us make a decision on blades, unfortunately it was very much like all of the discussions with HP where they tried to explain why Cisco is bad instead of why HP is good.

    For me I bid farewell to this site as it doesn’t help anyone truly looking to find the best solution for them. To all of those that still decide to read these posts I suggest going and trying out all of the blade vendors like we did. Don’t listen to the fudd that is spread all around by the manufacturers, go and do for your self and see what is best for you. This approach turned out great for us and we can now focus on providing services for our customers instead of arguing about HP vs Cisco.

    Disclosure: I have no ties to HP, IBM, Dell or Cisco in any way other than all of them supply our organization with products.

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  • Kevin Houston

    Jason, thanks for your comment, but lighten up. I’m not biased toward any vendor however the passion found in all Cisco fanatics (users and employees alike) makes it easy for me to pick on. If readers can’t read my posts without getting offended that I’m picking on a vendor in good humour then this site is not for them. Thanks for your support in 2010.

  • Kevin Houston

    Thanks for your support in 2010. I hope you have a great 2011 and I hope to keep you informed! Take care!

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