Founded  in November of 2009, is an independent site designed to provide product information, news and thoughts about blade server technology.  The content is provided by independent contributors. receives no marketing or other financial contributions and is funded 100% by Kevin Houston.


Kevin Houston (Twitter: @Kevin_Houston)
Founder of, Kevin has over 15 years of experience in the x86 server marketplace.  Since 1997 Kevin has worked at several resellers in the Atlanta area, including Solarcom (Presidio), Canvas Systems, Optimus Solutions (Softchoice) and Corus360.  He has a vast array of competitive x86 server knowledge and certifications as well as an in-depth understanding of VMware and Citrix virtualization.  Kevin works for Dell as a Server Sales Engineer covering the Global 500 market.


Past Contributors

Chris Fricke (Twitter: @sysgeekguy)
Chris is a contributor and author for and in his day job is a Systems Architect for Clackamas County in Oregon and an HP customer.

 Thales Osterne
Thales has over six years in the IT field with four years of experience in IBM BladeCenter and System X.  When he is not blogging, Thales works as a product manager for IBM System X & Bladecenter at Lanlink Informatica, a major business partner in Brazil.  He is fluent in Portuguese and English.

Dwayne Lessner (Twitter: @dlink7)
Dwayne is a Infrasturucture Specialist working in the Health Care and Energy Sector in Western Canada. He has been in IT for over
10 years, starting off as a Programmer and later moving on to Network Operations. He has a strong interest in storage and compute, but blade servers and VDI have been his focus over the last four years. Dwayne also organizes VMware User groups and other techinal meetings in his local area.  Dwayne has spoke at past BriFourm’s, VMware User Groups meetings & VMware Forum events.  Dwayne also runs

Daniel Bowers (Twitter: @Daniel_Bowers)
Daniel is Vice President and Senior Analyst for Ideas International.  He possesses 19 years of IT industry experience in roles spanning server hardware and software engineering, product marketing, and server administration. His primary areas of expertise include blade servers, virtualization, and datacenter technologies.  This is Daniel’s first guest blog post for Blades Made Simple.  You can find out more about Daniel and Ideas International at


Disclaimer: The views presented in this blog are personal views and may or may not reflect any of the contributors’ employer’s positions. Furthermore, the content is not reviewed, approved or published by any employer.



  • Paul Montoya

    Can you add a tab for Supremicro Blades (i.e the Twin blade seems to have the edge on CPU, #cores, and memory per 42U rack).

  • Michael Thomas

    There have been a lot of changes in the technology world recently, but no updates from  Is there an underlying reason for this site kind of dropping off the grid?

  • devil inside

    The site has been focusing on Dell a lot lately. I am guessing this is because Kevin has joined Dell.

    In my opinion the site has lost its credibility.

  • Kevin Houston

    You are correct in that my joining Dell has affected my ability to post articles.  I’ve tried to keep the site “neutral” by allowing Contributors to write but they are strictly volunteering and there’s not been much to write about (except what Dell is publicizing.)  If you find other blade articles and would like to write some blog posts, contact me and let me know.

    Thanks for the comment.

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  • Hans-Werner Olm

    Hi guys! Great page, but as I am from Germany you are always missing another Blade Server vendor who is quite popular in Germany, parts of Europe and of course Japan – Fujitsu. Are you planning to include any information about their blade portfolio in 2013?

  • Kevin Houston

    Hans – thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately, I don’t have the bandwidth to dig into Fujitsu’s blade servers – plus I’ve tried, as much as possible, to focus on the top 4 vendors within the blade server market on this blog. I’m always open to people contributing to the site, so if you have some materials you’d like to see posted, let me know and perhaps I could allow you to post it. Thanks for your support!

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