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Announcing IBM eX5 Portfolio and the HX5 Blade Server

UPDATED: 3/2/2010 at 12:58 PM EST Author’s Note: I’m stretching outside of my “blades” theme today so I can capture the entire eX5 messaging.   Finally, all the hype is over.  IBM announced today the next evolution of their “Enterprise x-Architecture”, also known as eX5.   Why eX5?  Simple:  e=Enterprise X=x-Architecture  5=fifth generation.  IBM’s Enterprise x-Architecture has been

IBM's 4 Processor Intel Nehalem EX Blade Server

2-2-10 CORRECTION Made Below Okay, I’ve seen the details on IBM’s next generation 4 processor blade server that is based on the Intel Nehalem EX cpu and I can tell you that IBM’s about to change the way people look at workloads for blade servers.  Out of respect for IBM (and at the risk of getting

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