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Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX Gets An Upgrade

The past few months have seen some long awaited new additions to Dell’s PowerEdge VRTX system.  In an effort to prevent this from being an “all Dell” blog, I’ve held off writing about these new additions until today.  In a quick summary, the new additions include: 2nd PERC, added support for VMware ESXi 5.5, added

PowerEdge VRTX CMC Licensing Details

As I noted in my original posting of the PowerEdge VRTX, the Chassis Management Controller, or CMC, is available with an “Express” license and an “Enterprise” license. To help you determine which would be best suited for your environment, check out the chart below.

Demonstrating the Quietness of Dell PowerEdge VRTX

After publishing the details of the PowerEdge VRTX this week, several people stated they would like to know how quiet it is.  I could give you the marketing data on how many decibels it runs but instead, I thought I’d put together a short video to show the quietness of PowerEdge VRTX.  The video quality is not

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