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2010 Stats for

As we wrap up 2010, I wanted to say thanks to the people who continue to support this blog.  I’ve had the opportunity to attend several trips and meet dozens of people in the technology blogger world, and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.  I have several blog stories in the works for the first

Yet Another Movie Chooses HP

I have a scoop that another movie recently chose to use HP blade servers to finalize production. While I can not disclose the studio, I can say that it is not their first venture with HP blade servers.

Lessons Learned from Dell OEM Day

At the conclusion of a long day in Austin, I decided to take a few minutes to provide some thoughts about what I learned today.

Dell’s Super Secret Society

On Tuesday I have the pleasure of joining a handful of other bloggers in Round Rock, TX, to visit with one of Dell’s top secret societies

What’s Your Problem??

I’m deviating from the norm today to ask you a question: what’s your problem?  I ask not in a sarcastic way, but in a serious way.  Writing about blade servers is fun, but I’m looking to write up some posts on what problems blade servers, or x86 servers in general, help solve – and I’m looking

IBM Gains Blade Server Market Share in Q3 2010

IDC came out with their 3Q 2010 worldwide server market revenue report last month which shows that IBM grew from Q2 2010 in their blade market share.

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