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5 Reasons You May NOT Want Blade Servers

Contrary to popular belief and growing market share, blade servers are NOT for everyone.  You may be surprised to hear that from a site that focuses only on blade servers, but the reality is, there are a few situations that don’t warrant blade servers.  Here’s the top 5 reasons you may not want blade servers.

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Test Report: Power Efficiency Comparison of Dell and Cisco High Memory Capacity Blade Servers

Dell recently published a new whitepaper that compares the performance and power efficiency of four of the Dell PowerEdge M710HD and M620 blades vs. four of the Cisco B250 M2 blade servers.  Here is a summary of the key findings:

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Blade Servers Causing Data Centers To Be Re-designed?

A recent article from reported that modern data centers are having problems handling the dense server environment that blade servers provide.  The article mentions that traditional data centers that were built less than five years ago were designed to have a uniform energy distribution of around 2kW to 4kW (kilowatts) per server rack.  With the growth of blade servers being at the highest since the inception eight years ago, today’s data centers are packed with dense blade servers that are now pushing the envelope beyond 12kW, thus putting a huge strain on the design of the data center.  In fact, according to Rakesh Kumar, a Gartner research vice-president, “‘A rack that is 60 per cent filled could have a power draw as high as 12kW.” The article goes on to mention that current data centers may need to be re-designed to handle the future power requirements of blades. Continue reading