This page is a listing of the interviews and podcasts that Kevin Houston has participated in over the past couple of years.   You can view all other non-interview videos at


Veeam Community Podcast, Episode 56 –  ” Server decisions for virtualized environments”
Published February 22, 2012



InfoSmack Deep Dive (Podcast) – Blade Servers vs Rack Servers
Published June 22, 2011




Guest Speaker at ComdexVirtual
November 16, 2010



Blog Post on – “Blade Server of the Future”
Published November 15, 2010


Virtumania 22 (Podcast) – Virtualize On Blades Without A Pain In The Neck

Published August 4, 2010



Interview with Doug Oathout – HP Vice President of Converged Infrastructure
published July 6, 2010


Interview with Gary Thome – Chief Blade Architect for HP
published July 6, 2010