Best Practices for Power and Cooling Blades

One of the biggest challenges related to blade servers in an existing data center is how to power and cool.  APC wrote a white paper (link below) that explains how to asses the options to best power and cool your blade environment. 

According to APC’s whitepaper, there are five basic approaches to cooling a blade server environment:

Five approaches to cooling high density enclosures - by APC


The white paper also goes into detail on how to select the type of cooling methods as well as some major considerations to review:

Blade Server deployment criteria - from APC

The whitepaper concludes with some cooling approaches that datacenters should not use:

  • Reducing air temperature set-pion on the computer room A/C units to attempt to solve hot spots
  • Replacing vented tiles in a raised floor with a tile that has less resistance
  • Using fan trays installed in the top of racks
  • Isolating racks away from rows in an open area on all sides


To find out why these ideas are not recommended by APC, or to read the full APC whitepaper, go to:

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