Another Free Chassis Offering – Is Cisco Driving These Offers?

I was recently on one of those calls from HP “checking in”. If you are an HP customer you may know these calls start off with something like “We know you spent money on HP last quarter so how many people from this company will have to pester you until you buy more stuff from us?” One of the things the HP rep mentioned towards the end the process, however, is that until October HP is now offering a free blade enclosure with the purchase of four HP BL460’s I have to admit, I haven’t talked to anyone about the gritty details yet but this sounds awfully familiar to the promotion that IBM is having that was reported here earlier this month. I did some research online and found a few links with various versions (or at least descriptions) of this offer including one for UK customers that is about to expire:

Link 1
Link 2

Incidentally, I did some poking around directly on the HP site and found no advertisements or even mention of the “free chassi” promotional offer.   It seems to be a weak promotion if there’s nothing to indicate that it even exists. Regardless, does this mean that Dell is next? Does this mean that Cisco UCS is more disruptive than the HP, IBM or Dell are letting on or is it simply a case of corporate “me too”? Seems like a silly bandwagon to jump on given that most of the cost is not in the chassis, but in the I/O modules. Give away a free enclosure with a pair of Flex-10 modules installed and then you’ll have my undivided attention, Mr. HP. Kudos.


Chris is a contributor and author for and in his day job is a Systems Architect for Clackamas County in Oregon and an HP customer.  The opinions expressed in his writings do not ncessarily reflect those of BladesMadeSimple or Chris’ employer.  Follow Chris on Twitter @sysgeekguy.

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