5 Things Blade Server Manufacturers Won't Tell You

  Over the past several years, I’ve run across some things that the blade manufacturer’s won’t easily tell you.  Today, I reveal some of those secrets.

#1 Anything that Goes Inside the Chassis Assumes the Chassis Warranty – if you buy a new Ethernet switch 2 years into a 3 year hardware warranty, it only has 1 year of warranty once you place it inside the chassis.  On the flip side, if you install a previously owned switch it will gain 1 year of warranty.  There are some exceptions to this rule.  For example, HP requires a separate hardware warranty for their BladeSystem fibre switches.

#2 Using Non-OEM Memory (RAM) Will NOT Void the Warranty – in the event that you have a server issue that needs work, the manufacturer will still work on the server, but they may require that you remove the non-OEM memory or replace it with OEM memory prior to work. 

#3 Power Calculators Often Have a 10-20% Uplift Factored In – most of the blade manufacturers offer power calculators, so if you find yourself coming close to the maximum recommended power, you’re probably okay (however use this information at your own risk – don’t come back to me if you fry your system.)

#4 Some Blade Servers Can Be Upgraded to New Processor Technology – prior to the Intel Xeon 5500, the CPU blade server motherboards were very similar.  It is possible, in some cases, to take a first generation blade server and put a fifth generation CPU inside.  I won’t say it will work with any manufacture blades, but it works with some…

#5 Service Requests Can Be Escalated Easily At Any Time – if you aren’t happy with the support you are getting, simply ask to escalate the ticket to the Support Manager on Duty.  Nine times out of ten you will happily get escalated. 

What do you think – am I right, am I wrong?  Are there others to add to the list?  If so, let me know in the comments below.

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