Helpful Blade Server Links

Here is a list of blade-related websites that may help you find more information about blade servers.  Since vendors tend to move their sites without notice if you find a dead link, please let me know.  If you have other sites that you think are worthy to remember, email me at “kevin AT“.

last updated 5.12.2016


Quick Links: Dell | Cisco | HPE | Lenovo


DellUpdated 5.12.2016


NEW Dell iDRAC Users’ Guides:

Dell QR Links: DellQRLink (all PowerEdge products) –

Dell FX Architecture Technical Guide (April 2015) –

Dell VRTX Technical Guide (v 3.1) –

NEW  Dell PowerEdge VRTX Storage Subsystem Compatibility Matrix –

Dell QuickLinks –

Dell blade solutions (main page) –

Dell M1000e Product Page –

Dell PowerEdge M1000e Technical Guidebook (PDF) –

Dell Blade Server Product Page –

Dell Technical Guidebook for M620 Blade Server (PDF) –

Dell M-Series I/O Solutions Guide (PDF) –

Dell M1000e Technical Whitepaper (PDF) –

Power Distribution Whitepaper for M1000e Chassis (PDF) –

Dell Systems Management Tools-

Dell Tech Center (single site for Dell technical info, demos, blogs) –

Dell Power Planning Calculator (ESSA) –


Cisco Spec Sheets –

Cisco QuickLinks –

Cisco UCS 3 D Model –

Cisco UCS 5100 Blade Chassis –

Cisco B-Series Blade Servers –

Cisco UCS Manager –

Cisco UCS Site Preparation Guide –

Manage your Cisco UCS via iPhone App;  SiMU Lab (Simple iPhone Management of UCS) –

Cisco UCS Emulator Download –

Cisco UCS B200 M3 Blade Server –


HPE (Formerly HP) – Updated 4.19.2016

HPE BladeSystem Main Page –

NEW HPE Synergy QuickSpecs –

NEW HPE Synergy Configuration and Compatibility Guide

Memory Configurator –

HPE BladeSystem Enclosures Main Page –

HPE Proliant Server Blades Main Page –

HPE Networking for Blades –

HPE Configurator Tool –

HPE Server / Software Demo Site (recorded demos) –

HPE BladeSystem Power Sizer –


Lenovo (updated 11.2.2015)

Lenovo Blog:

Blade Server Home Page:

PreSales Advisor:

Standalone Solutions Configurator (SSCT) v1.63 –