Mark Your Calendar – Upcoming Announcements

As I mentioned previously, the next few weeks are going to be filled with new product / technology annoucements.  Here’s a list of some dates that you may want to mark on your calendar (and make sure to come back here for details:)

Feb 9 – Big Blue new product announcement (hint: in the BladeCenter family)

Mar 2 – Big Blue non-product annoucement (hint: it’s not the eX4 family)

Mar 16  – Intel Westmere (Intel Xeon 5600) Processor Announcement (expect HP and IBM to announce their Xeon 5600 offerings)

Mar 30 – Intel Nehalem EX (Xeon 7600) Processor Annoucement (expect HP and IBM to announce their Intel Xeon 7600 offerings)

As always, you can expect for me to give you coverage on the new blade server technology as it gets announced!

8 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendar – Upcoming Announcements

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  5. Denham

    I think you might have made a mistake on the Mar 30 – Intel Nehalem EX release. The Processor Announcement link you added is from March 13 2009, and is for the original Nehalem release.

  6. Kevin Houston

    Yes – looks like I messed up on the web link for the Nehalem EX release date of March 30. Thanks for taking the time to read the entire blog and for letting me know. I'll correct it.

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