Comprehensive List of Blade Server Web Site Links

If you are like me, you are constantly referring to manufacture web sites for product specs, available options, etc.  Today, I’ve put together a list of web sites that will help streamline your search.  Since links change and new ones get added, I’ve put out a “helpful links” tab at the top of my blog as well for you to reference and bookmark.  As I get recommendations from my readers, I’ll update the “helpful links” tab, so be sure to add it to your favorites.


Cisco QuickLinks –

Cisco UCS 3 D Model –

Cisco UCS 5100 Blade Chassis –

Cisco B-Series Blade Servers –

Cisco UCS Manager –

Cisco UCS Site Preparation Guide –

Manage your Cisco UCS via iPhone App;  SiMU Lab (Simple iPhone Management of UCS) –

Cisco UCS Emulator Download –

Dell blade solutions (main page) –

Dell M1000e Product Page –

Dell PowerEdge M1000e Technical Guidebook (PDF) –

Dell Blade Server Product Page –

Dell Technical Guidebook for the M610 Blade Server (PDF) –

Dell Technical Guidebook for the M710 Blade Server (PDF) –

Dell M-Series I/O Solutions Guide (PDF) –

Dell M1000e Technical Whitepaper (PDF) –

Power Distribution Whitepaper for M1000e Chassis (PDF) –

Dell Systems Management Consoles Product Page –

Dell Tech Center (single site for Dell technical info, demos, blogs) –

Dell Power Planning Calculator –


HP BladeSystem Main Page –

DDR3 Memory Configurator –

HP BladeSystem Enclosures Main Page –

HP Proliant Server Blades Main Page –

HP Blade Interconnects Main Page –

HP Configurator Tool –

HP Server / Software Demo Site (recorded demos) –

HP BladeSystem Power Sizer –



NEW  IBM System x Mobile App:

IBM Support site for Fixes and Downloads:

IBM BladeCenter H Power Recommendation Document (from – PDF, 440kb

IBM Power Guide  –

IBM BladeCenter Benchmarks –

IBM BladeCenter Main Page –

IBM BladeCenter Chassis Product Page –

IBM Blade Server Product Page –

IBM BladeCenter I/O Module Product Page –

IBM BladeCenter Interoperability Guide –

IBM BladeCenter Products and Technology Redbook –

IBM BladeCenter and System x Reference Documents (xREF) –

IBM Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT) –

IBM Server Configuration and Options Guide HTML –

If I’ve missed any important websites, please let me know in the comments below and I’ll add them.

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