Deploying the Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Storage

Today I came across a newly published a video that showcases the Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 storage blade.  If you are not familiar with the EqualLogic PS-M4110 storage blade,

I encourage you to visit this previous blog post for more details, but in a quick summary, the PS-M4110 is Dell’s first storage blade that provides up to 14TB per array.  Within the video you’ll see the following:

  • 1:00 – internal view of drive drawer
  • 2:00 – management and configuration of the PS-M4110 storage blade (via the Dell M1000e chassis management controller)
  • 4:18 – how to scale the PS-M4110 storage blade
  • 5:25 – how to add a newly added PS-M4110 to an existing storage group

The video is 7:26 long and available in 720p (best viewed in full screen mode.)

Deploying Dell EqualLogic PS-M4110 Blade Storage

YouTube link:

For more information on the Dell EqualLogic PS-4110M, visit



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