Fixing HP BladeSystem Problems – Easy to Do

I’ll lift up the curtain and tell you I rely on Google Alerts to help me find blade server related topics to write about.  This is the best way for me to catch news, or topics that would otherwise be missed. 

A few weeks ago I received an alert titled, “HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosure – Blade Servers Do Not Power On”, so it got my attention.  As I clicked through, I found myself on HP’s site where HP discussed the issue, as well as the solution (in this case, insuring you imagehad the right number of fans in the correct slots.)  This was pretty impressive, so I started digging around. Navigating up one level took me to the “Top issues for HP BladeSystem c7000 Enclosures” page which only had one posting.  However, in the left navigation bar, there are several other sections that may be useful to HP BladeSystem owners including, Advisories, Bulletins & Notices, Manuals, Troubleshoot a problem and Setup & Install just to name a few.

I’m not sure if this section of HP’s website is well-known or a hidden gem, but I hope you’ll take advantage of it as an HP customer so that it will help you resolve any HP blade server issues you come across.


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