Dell Releases HTML5 and Redfish Support for iDRAC

With the launch of the new Intel CPUs, today Dell released the newest update of their iDRAC (integrated Dell Remote Access Controller) software which includes support for HTML5 (in other words, no more JAVA!!)

One of the biggest requests I’ve seen in the field is the request for HTML 5 support across management consoles.  Today, that becomes a reality for Dell server customers.  With the release of iDRAC version, HTML 5 support on the remote console is available, at no charge.  Additionally, you’ll find support on Dell’s 12th Generation of PowerEdge servers as well as the current 13G servers (see list below.)  In case you aren’t familiar with HTML5, it is cleaner, easier to use, yada-yada-yada – but the real advantage is that it isn’t Active X or Java (a major thorn for many admins.)  If you like ActiveX or Java, don’t worry – it’s still available; HTML5 is just a 3rd option to use.  Some additional features you’ll see on the HTML5 remote console is keyboard control, keyboard macros, screen capture and mouse acceleration features.Dell-iDRAC-HTML5

In addition to the HTML5 addition, here are the other benefits the release of the Dell iDRAC will provide:

  • Support for Redfish
  • 13G iDRAC reset via iSM (integrated Service Module) – in the event the iDRAC were to hang, it can be reset within the server O/S by an IT admin.
  • iSM enhancements (support for Ubuntu, iDRAC SNMP Traps via host O/S; replication of system lifecycle logs in the O/S or Hypervisor)

For full feature list, visit the release notes here.

Supported Servers

In summary, this newest release is supported across both iDRAC 8 and iDRAC 7, but here’s the full list of modular servers supported:

  • PowerEdge FC430
  • PowerEdge M630
  • PowerEdge FC630
  • PowerEdge M830
  • PowerEdge FC830
  • PowerEdge M420
  • PowerEdge M520
  • PowerEdge M620
  • PowerEdge M820
  • PowerEdge FM120

Dell’s iDRAC Version, A00 can be downloaded here.

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