Which Embedded Management License Do You Need?

Whether you are looking at Dell or HPE blade servers, one important consideration is the type of embedded management license you need.  Too often, I’ve heard of blade server users having to go back to a vendor to get a license upgrade because the current version doesn’t do what you need it to.  The charts below are designed to help you proactively determine what license is needed prior to making your purchase.  

To the best of my knowledge, neither Cisco nor Lenovo use embedded systems management licensing (per server) so only Dell and HPE are listed, however if I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments below.

Dell iDRAC License Options for Blade Servers

Feature iDRAC8   Express for Blades iDRAC8 Enterprise
Local Configuration via BIOS X X
IPMI 2.0 X X
Data Center Managebility Interface (DCMI)  1.5 X X
Embedded Diagnostics X X
Local OS Install X X
Local Updates X X
Driver Pack X X
Encryption X X
IPv6 Support X X
Auto-Discovery X X
Auto-Recovery X X
Remote CLI X X
local/SSH CLI X X
Serial Redirection X X
Remote Config X X
Remote Update X X
USB Front Panel Configuration X X
iDRAC Service Module (iSM) X X
Scheduled Firmware Updates X
Automatic Updates X
Email Alerts X X
SNMP Alerts X X
Comprehensive Monitoring X X
Performance Monitoring X
Part Replacement X X
Tech Support Report X X
Backup & Restore configurations X
System Wipe X X
Virtual Console (4 user) Single user 6 users
Virtual Console Chat X
Virtual Flash Partitions X
Virtual Media X X
Virtual Folders X
Access via VNC server X
Remote File Share X
Crash Screen Capture X X
Crash Video Playback X
Boot Record/Playback X
Power Control X X
Power Monitoring X X
Power Capping X
Enterprise Group Power Management X
Directory Services (AD, LDAP) X
PK Authentication X X
Two-Factor Authentication X

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HPE iLO License Options for Blade Servers 

Feature iLO Standard for BladeSystem iLO Advanced for BladeSystem iLO Scale-Out
Embedded Health System X X X
Virtual Power Buttons X X X
Web-Based GUI X X X
SSH Command Line Interface X X X
Virtual Serial Port X X X
IPv6 X X X
Active Health System X X X
Embedded Remote Support X X X
Agentless Management X X X
Integrated Remote Console (IRC/Virtual KVM-Supports text and graphics) X X Pre-OS only
iLO Federation Discovery X X X
iLO Federation Discovery Group License Activation X X X
Global Team Collaboration via Integrated Remote Console X
Integrated Remote Console Record and Playback X
Virtual Media via Integrated Remote Console X X
Scripted Virtual Media X
Text-based Remote Console via SSH (Textcons) X X
Directory Service Authentication X
Kerberos Authentication X
Email-Based Alerting X X
Remote Syslog X X
Advanced Power Management (Power History Graphs, Dynamic Power Capping) X X
Virtual Serial Port Record and Playback X X
Discovery Services X
Smart Array Secure Encryption X X
iLO Federation Management X X

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