If You Use PowerEdge Blade Servers You Should Know About This

If you are using Dell blade servers, I may have a little known resource that could help you.  Ever heard of the “PowerEdge MX I/O Guide?”  If not, I’m not surprised.  It was primarily used as an internal resource, but now it’s available to the public.

What can you find in the PowerEdge MX I/O Guide?

The sum of it is “all things network related in the PowerEdge MX architecture.”  This includes:

  • Overviews of the Dell Technologies blade server architecture
  • Deep dive specs of the different network I/O options
  • Breakout options for using the MX7116n with Dell Networking switches
  • Example topologies
  • Cable & Optic Information



What’s New in This Version?

The latest version (v.1.7), released last week, provides the following:

  • Clarification of some content, including the number of NPAR (network partitions)for Marvell NICs
  • An updated number of maximum supported VLANs for switches
  • Updated MX7116n breakout options for 10G Support


Where can you find the PowerEdge MX I/O Guide?

Version 1.7 of the MX I/O Guide is available download here:




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