HPE Announces New Blade Server – Synergy 480 Gen10 Plus

In the midst of the 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processor launch and the slew of blade server announcements, HPE quietly announced their next edition to the HPE Synergy family – the Synergy 480 Gen10 Plus.  Here’s what we know.

The (Lack of) Details

Admittedly,  I missed this announcement by HPE because it was nested in a blog post focused more on non blade server systems.  Here’s what we know, along with my comments:

  • More cores for a new level of workload performance and expanding ESXi VMs (not sure how many cores – the full 40 or limited stack like Lenovo’s offering.) 
  • Expanded DIMM count to 16 per socket, with 8 channels @ 3200 MT/S increased speed (this confirms they won’t have any limited memory offerings like we see in the Lenovo blade server offering.) 
  • Intel Optane 200 memory expanded capacity and persistence (same as the other blade server offerings.) 
  • Storage designed for flexibility and upgradability to meet changing requirements (no details on how much storage will be supported.) 
  • OS running from optional 2x m.2 boot device or anywhere with stateless server option (this is a useful option but no details on the type of m.2 devices supported.) 
  • increase data throughput with compute to fabric PCIe 4.0 performance (this is good to get confirmation that it will support PCIe 4.0.)

This is all I’ve been able to uncover, so if you find more details on what this next blade server offering from HPE will offer, please pass me a note.  As soon as I get the full details, I’ll update my Blade Server Comparison Matrix.

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  1. Roniq

    They are launching Synergy 480 Gen10 Plus, not BL480. BL servers (for Bladesystem c7000 chassis) are discontinued.

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