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What Does it Take to Design an HP Blade Server?

BL685c G7What’s the process to design an HP blade server?  Find out on my interview with Gary Thome, Chief Blade Architect for HP.  Thanks to the friends at SDR News, I was able to talk with Gary at the HP Tech Forum last month in Las Vegas.  In the video below, Gary discusses the steps it takes for HP to design the next generation blade and he discusses the latest blade servers announced at the HP Technology Forum. Continue reading

My Interview with HP Vice President of Converged Infrastructure, Doug Oathout

Doug OathoutOne of the biggest things revealed at HP Technology Forum in Las Vegas last month was the introduction of the HP VirtualConnect FlexFabric Module.  According to HP, this new module allows for “one module” to access “any data or storage network” and is a key piece of HP’s Converged Infrastructure.  Thanks to my friends at SDR News, I had the opportunity to discuss HP’s converged infrastructure with the guy in charge of designing HP’s strategy, Doug Oathout,Vice President of Converged Infrastructure at HP.   Continue reading