HP Blades and Infrastructure Software Tech Day 2010 (UPDATED)

On Wednesday I will be headed to the 2010 HP Infrastructure Software & Blades Tech Day, an invitation only blogger event at the HP Campus in Houston, TX.  This event is a day and a half deep dive about the blade server market, key data center trends and client virtualization.  We will be with HP technology leaders and business executives who will discuss the company’s business advantages and technical advances.  The event will also include customers’ and their own key insights and experiences and provide demos of the products including an insider’s tour of HP’s Lab facilities.

I’m extremely excited to attend this event and can’t wait to blog about it.  (Hopefully HP will not NDA the entire event.)  I’m also excited to meet some of the world’s top bloggers.  Check out this list of attendees:

Rich Brambley: http://vmetc.com

Greg Knieremen: http://www.storagemonkeys.com/

Chris Evans: http://thestoragearchitect.com

Simon Seagrave: http://techhead.co.uk

John Obeto: http://absolutelywindows.com

Frank Owen: http://techvirtuoso.com

Martin Macleod: http://www.bladewatch.com/

Plus a couple that I left off originally (sorry guys):

Steven Foskett: http://blog.fosketts.net/

Devang Panchigar: http://www.storagenerve.com

Be sure to check back with me on Thursday and Friday for updates to the event, and also follow me on Twitter @kevin_houston (twitter hashcode for this event is #hpbladesday.)

Disclaimer: airfare, accommodations and some meals are being provided by HP, however the content being blogged is solely my opinion and does not in anyway express the opinions of HP.

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