(UPDATED) IDC Q1 2010 Report: Blade Servers Growing, With #1 Market Share Going To…

NOTE: IDC revised their report on May 28, 2010.  This post now includes those changes.

IDC reported on May 28, 2010 that worldwide server sales for Q1 2010 factory revenues increased 4.6  4.7% year over year to $10.4 billion in the first quarter of 2010 (1Q10).  They also reported the blade server market accelerated and continued its sharp growth in the quarter with factory revenue increasing 37.1% 37.2% year over year, with shipment growth increasing by 20.8% compared to 1Q09.  According to IDC, nearly 90% of all blade revenue is driven by x86 systems, a segment in which blades now represent 18.8% of all x86 server revenue.

While the press release did not provide details of the market share for all of the top 5 blade vendors, they did provide data for the following: 

#1 market share: HP increased their market share from 52.4% in Q4 2009 to 56.2% in Q1 2010

#2 market share: IBM decreased their market share from 35.1% in Q4 2009 to 23.6% in Q1 2010.

The remaining 20.2% of market share was not mentioned, but I imagine they are split between Dell and Cisco.  In fact, based on the fact that Cisco was not even mentioned in the IDC report, I’m willing to bet a majority of that  I’m working on getting some visibility into clarification on that (if you’re with Dell or Cisco and can help, please shoot me an email.)

According to Jed Scaramella, senior research analyst in IDC’s Datacenter and Enterprise Server group,  “”In the first quarter of 2009, we observed a lot of business in the mid-market as well as refresh activity of a more transactional nature; these factors have driven x86 rack-based revenue to just below 1Q08 value. Blade servers, which are more strategic in customer deployments, continue to accelerate in annual growth rates. The blade segment fared relatively well during the 2009 downturn and have increased revenue value by 13% from the first quarter of 2008.”

For the full IDC report covering the Q1 2010 Worldwide Server Market, please visit http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS22356410

new link: http://www.idc.com/getdoc.jsp?containerId=prUS22360110

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17 thoughts on “(UPDATED) IDC Q1 2010 Report: Blade Servers Growing, With #1 Market Share Going To…

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  2. Mark S A Smith

    While I haven't seen this round of numbers, the last round had Dell about to crack the double digit mark with the rest of the market split between half a dozen players like NEC, Hitachi, Super Micro, etc.

    Interesting to note IBM's major share shift.

    Rumor has it Dell has another round of blade announcements forthcoming.

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  12. Kevin Houston

    I updated the post – #IDC revised their numbers and took down the previous Q1 Server Tracker info. Please revisit the blog post and you'll see an updated version. Thanks for the feedback, and for reading!

  13. Kevin Houston

    #dell definitely has some more blade server announcements coming very soon. I'm doing an NDA with them on Tuesday so as soon as they lift the embargo, I'll have some good stuff to blog about. Thanks for reading, Mark. Appreciate the support!

  14. mike roberts

    You are being a little optimistic about Cisco's share. Cisco doesnt even show up on the IDC server tracker, they are lumped in with “other”. it is interesting that you see vendors like sun, hitachi, powerleader, fujitsu-siemens, Group Bull, NEC… who ship hundreds to a few of thousand blades per quarter specifically called out, but not cisco. would think with all the noise about them in the market that they would at least show up in IDC report. note the whole “other” category is less than 6000 blades/quarter (and that has remained pretty constant for years- so no major spike in that category since cisco came to market).
    Dell is now over 11% share, so we grew share quarter on quarter.

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