A Plea to VMWorld Attendees

As VMworld 2010 is right around the corner, I wanted to take a few minutes to make a plea to all attendees. 

This year, IF you receive a bag or backpack that you just don’t want, please don’t throw it away, but instead take it home, go to the dollar store and fill  the backpack with pencils, crayons, paper and erasers and donate it to your local school system.  You would be AMAZED to find out the numbers of children who don’t get backpacks and whose familes can not afford the costly school supplies that are required each year.  You will be making some family happy and you’ll get the name “VMware” marketed throughout the schools, getting the next generation of techno geeks ready to learn all about virtualization.

Thanks for the consideration!

31 thoughts on “A Plea to VMWorld Attendees

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  3. Ilja Coolen

    I am so impressed by this simple yet valuable idea. I would suggest everyone who attends VMworld Europe to do the same. There are plenty of needy people in Europe as well.

  4. rodos

    Kevin great idea. Lucky you did not think of it last year as all the pull tags broke off within a few days and you would have had a bunch of school kids raging on VMware, hoping that the product was not as bad as the bag. Maybe that would have been smart and did what I did which was repair with some cable ties!

    See you there!


  5. Tom

    I would kill for such a cool bag pack. What a shame some people just throw it away! It's a great idea to go give them to school for the less fortunate kids!!

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  14. Johnfurrier

    Great idea: last year's vmworld bag was a good one and would make a family in need very happy.

    It's amazing how the schools are cutting back when they should be really adding more diverse curriculum and expanding math, science, and english

  15. Greg

    Did you get one of those green back pack?

    Trust me that thing belongs in the garbage. What a piece of junk…

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