IBM Offers FREE Blade Chassis Through December (No Purchase Required)

IBM once again is promoting is striving to increase market share by offering customers the chance to get a “free” IBM BladeCenter chassis.   The last time they promoted a free chassis was in November, so this year they kicked in the promo effective July 5, 2011.  The promotion is for a free chassis – without any purchase, however a chassis without any blades or switches is just a metal box.  Regardless, this promotion is a great way to help offset some of the cost to implementation of your blade server project.

The Details

1) The promotion is limited to U.S. customers who have not purchased a BladeCenter chassis in the past 12 months.  I did find a current UK promo on that requires 4 blade servers be purchased for a free chassis.  If you are in the UK, check out for details.

2) The promotion requires pre-approval by IBM (after July 5, 2011 but before December 23, 2011) .

3) The promotion is limited to the following models:

BladeCenter E Chassis 86773TU or 86774TU
BladeCenter H Chassis 88524TU
BladeCenter S Chassis 88861TU

How to Purchase

You have the option of purchasing from your local IBM business Partner or from IBM direct.  If you are an IBM Business Partner, refer to IBM Announcement Letter 511-290 for terms and conditions.

For More Information on IBM BladeCenter

Check out the following links:

IBM System x Mobile App:

IBM Support site for Fixes and Downloads:

IBM BladeCenter H Power Recommendation Document (from – PDF, 440kb

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IBM BladeCenter I/O Module Product Page –

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IBM BladeCenter Products and Technology Redbook –

IBM BladeCenter and System x Reference Documents (xREF) –

IBM Standalone Solutions Configuration Tool (SSCT) –

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6 thoughts on “IBM Offers FREE Blade Chassis Through December (No Purchase Required)

  1. Andy Grant

    Could be a great start to a home lab !!  :)    Except PSU’s, interconnects and blades will probably break the bank.

  2. Mark

    A free chassis offer for an entire half of a year?  It looks like IBM has finally realized the impact of both HP C-Class and Cisco UCS are having in the blade server market.

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