IDC Worldwide Server Tracker – Q2 2014 Released

The Q2 2014  IDC Worldwide Server Tracker was released on August 26, 2014 and it reported that the demand for x86 servers improved in 2Q14 with revenues increasing 7.8% year over year in the quarter to $9.8 billion worldwide as unit shipments increased 1.5% to 2.2 million servers. HP led the market with 29.6% revenue share based on 7.4% revenue growth over 2Q13. Dell retained second place, securing 21.2% revenue share.


Modular servers – blades and density-optimized – represent distinct segments of growth for vendors in an otherwise mature market,” said Jed Scaramella, Research Director, Enterprise Servers and Datacenter at IDC. “As the building block for integrated systems, blade servers will continue to drive enterprise customers along the evolutionary path toward private clouds. On the opposite side of the spectrum, density-optimized servers are being rapidly adopted by hyperscale datacenters that favor the scalability and efficiency of the form factor.”

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2 thoughts on “IDC Worldwide Server Tracker – Q2 2014 Released

  1. returnofthemus

    It was very interesting to see the way you interpreted those figures, but overall the top three vendors in terms of marketshare hasn’t changed in years.

    More interesting was the insertion of that ODM direct line, which appears to be outflanking Cisco, no doubt why they have rushed to sign an agreement with Simplivity.

  2. Dan

    “And then there was a Miracle”? Interesting figures from Gartner on server shipments in Q2 2014. Cisco revenue up 35%, server shipments up 4%! WOW…that says average server price jumped from about $7,000 per server to over $9,000 per server. A 35% increase in per server revenue Y-Y. How does that happen given there were no new technologies that could account for the increase. IBM and HP, whose servers have an average price of around $5,500 didn’t see much movement on a per server basis….so what was the miracle? An increase of per server average price of this magnitude in a Y-Y comparison is likely unprecedented. Any explanations here?

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