PowerEdge VRTX Gets an Extended Life

Last week, Dell EMC announced extended life for the PowerEdge VRTX.  The announcement stated that Dell EMC would be offering VRTX through the end of 2022.  The PowerEdge VRTX is considered a “datacenter in a box” with up to 4 blade servers and 25 hot-pluggable shared drives inside of a tower or 5U system.  The system includes built-in network switching as well as PCIe slots that can be mapped to any of the servers.  The PowerEdge VRTX is ideal for remote environments, small offices, or even test environments.  For more information on VRTX, visit the following links:

A Detailed Look at PowerEdge VRTX

What You May Not Know About the PowerEdge VRTX

VRTX product Page at DellEMC.com

PowereEdge VRTX Spec Sheet (PDF)




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