A Look Back in Time – HP Messaging Blade Server

In the absence of blade server news, I thought I’d take a look back at one of the coolest blade servers I’ve seen – the HP E5000 Messaging System, circa 2011.  Let’s review why it was head of its time.

Although this technically wasn’t listed in HP’s portfolio as a “blade server”, it was a systOverview of HP E5000 Messaging Systemem that used 2 x BL460 blade servers.   As you can tell by the name, the system was designed for Microsoft Exchange – back during the timeframe where Microsoft started recommending using a lot of local storage for Exchange Server 2010.  Inside of this 3U chassis, not only did HP get 2 blade servers but they also got 16 x hot-plug drives in addition to optional external connections to SAS storage.  My only hesitation to categorize this system in the “blade server” ecosystem is that it didn’t have embedded networking.  Instead, each server had access to 2 x LAN on Motherboard modules.  That said, it did have a shared iLO management port, so six of one, half dozen of the other.

HP E5000 System Management HomepageThe chassis also had an Enclosure Management Unit, or EMU, that provides access to the chassis environmental information (via an EMU processor) and it provided connectivity to the blades server iLO ports.  Here’s a glimpse of what the management looks like.  If you have HP gear already, it should look familiar:

As we look into the future with Edge computing, this type of ecosystem, updated with newer CPUs, PCIe and optional GPUs, could be a great offering for remote environments.  Oh, and if you were wondering if this system is still around, it’s not.  According to the QuickSpecs, it was retired in 2015.


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