Available 4th Gen Intel Xeon CPUs by Blade Server Vendor

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything new.  This is partly because blade server news has practically diminished; or I’m just getting really bad at finding “blog-worthy” content.  Either way, in this post, I thought it would be helpful to take to post a comparison of CPUs by blade server vendor.

While I’m quite aware there are many blade server vendors in the market, I’ve chosen to maintain my focus on the top 3 blade server vendors, so the list below is based upon the list of CPUs that each server vendor posts on their respective websites.  Please note, in certain cases there may be options to add Intel Xeon CPUs that are not listed in the matrix below via a custom process; check with your server vendors if something is not listed.

4th Generation Intel CPUs by Blade Server Vendor (11.20.2023)

ProcessorCisco UCS X210c M7Cisco UCS X410c M7Dell PowerEdge MX760cHPE Synergy 480 Gen 11
8490H 1.9G, 60C, 112.5M Cache (350W)xx
8480+ 2G, 56C, 105M Cache (350W) xxx
8471N 1.8G, 52C, 97.5M Cache (300W)x
8470Q 2.1G, 52C, 105M Cache (350W) x
8470N 1.7G, 52C, 97.5M Cache (300W)xx
8470 2G, 52C, 105M Cache (350W) xxx
8468V 2.4G, 48C, 98M Cache (330W) xxx
8468H 2.1G, 48C, 105M Cache (330W)xx
8468 2.1G, 48C, 105M Cache (350W) xxx
8462Y+ 2.8G, 32C, 60M Cache (300W) xxx
8461V 2.2G, 48C, 98M Cache (300W) xx
8460Y+ 2G, 40C, 105M Cache (300W) xxx
8460H 2.2G, 40C, 105M Cache (330W)xx
8458P 2.7G, 44C, 82.5M Cache (350W) xxx
8454H 2.1G, 32C, 82.5M Cache (270W)xx
8452Y 2G, 36C, 67.5M Cache (300W) xxx
8450H 2G, 28C, 75M Cache (250W)xx
8444H 2.9G, 16C, 45M Cache (270W)xx
6458Q 3.1G, 32C, 60M Cache (350W) x
6454S 2.2G, 32C, 60M Cache (270W) xxx
6448Y 2.1G, 32C, 60M Cache (225W) xxx
6448H 2.4G, 32C, 60M Cache (250W)xx
6444Y 3.6G, 16C, 45M Cache (270W) xxx
6442Y 2.6G, 24C, 60M Cache (225W) xxx
6438Y+ 2G, 32C, 60M Cache (205W) xxx
6438N 2G, 32C, 60M Cache (205W)xx
6438M 2.2G, 32C, 60M Cache (205W) xxx
6434H 3.7G, 8C, 22.5M Cache (195W)xx
6434 3.7G, 8C, 23M Cache (195W) xxx
6430 2.1G, 32C, 60M Cache (270W) xxx
6428N 1.8G, 32C, 60M Cache (185W)x
6426Y 2.5G, 16C, 38M Cache (185W) xxx
6421N 1.8G, 32C, 60M Cache (185W)x
6418H 2.1G, 24C, 60M Cache (185W)xx
6416H 2.2G, 18C, 45M Cache (165W)xx
6414U 2G, 32C, 60M Cache (250W)x
5420+ 2G, 28C, 52.5M Cache (205W) xxx
5418Y 2G, 24C, 45M Cache (185W) xxx
5418N 1.8G, 24C, 45M Cache (165W)xx
5416S 2G, 16C, 30M Cache(150W)xxx
5415+ 2.9G, 8C, 22.5M Cache (150W)xx
5412U 2.1G, 24C, 45M Cache (185W)x
5411N 1.9G, 24C, 45M Cache (165W)x
4416+ 2G, 20C, 37.5M Cache (165W)xxx
4410Y 2G, 12C, 30M Cache (150W)xx
4410T 2.7G, 10C, 26.25M Cache (150W)x
3408U 1.8G, 8C, 23M Cache (125W)xx

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