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HP BL660c vs Dell M820 – A Comparison

If you are a recurring reader to this blog, you’ll know that I work for Dell (1 year as of August 15) which makes me a bit bias toward Dell.  However, with the recent announcements of 4 socket blade servers based on Intel’s E5-4600 processor by HP and Dell, I thought it would be interesting to see how they line up.  With the attempt to be unbiased, I’ve listed everything I thought was relative about both servers so that you, the reader, could make your own decision about which server would work best in your environment.  I welcome any feedback, thoughts or comments below.  The data below is from HP and Dell’s websites and is current as of 8.14.12. Continue reading

Is This The End of AMD?


It is no surprise that AMD is losing the battle of the x86 server market in the datacenter, but I had no idea their market share was as low as it appears.  Even in the blade server space, you may notice that only a couple of server manufacturers offer AMD now.  A recent study of AMD vs Intel Continue reading