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HP Tech Day (#hpbladesday) – Final Thoughts (REVISED)

(revised 5/4/2010) First, I’d like to thank HP for inviting me to HP Tech Day in Houston. I’m honored that I was chosen and hope that I’m invited back – event after my challenging questions about the Tolly Report. It was a fun packed day and a half, and while it was a great event,

Tolly Report: HP Flex-10 vs Cisco UCS (Network Bandwidth Scalability Comparison) announced on 2/25/2010 a new Test Report that compares the network bandwidth scalability between HP BladeSystem c7000 with BL460 G6 Servers and Cisco UCS 5100 with B200 Servers, and the results were interesting.   The report simply tested 6 HP blades, with a single Flex-10 Module vs 6 Cisco blades using their Fabric Extender + a single Fabric

HP Tech Day – Day 1 Recap

Wow – the first day of HP Tech Day 2010 was jammed pack full of meetings, presentations and good information.  Unfortunately, it appears there won’t be any confidential, earth shattering news to report on, but it has still been a great event to attend. My favorite part of the day was going to the HP

HP Tech Day – Live TweetFeed

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HP Tech Day – Day 1 Agenda and Attendees

Today kicks off the HP Blades and Infrastructure Software Tech Day 2010 (aka HP Blades Day). I’ll be updating this site frequently throughout the day, so be sure to check back. You can quickly view all of the HP Tech Day info by clicking on the “Category” tab on the left and choose “HPTechDay2010.” For

More HP and IBM Blade Rumours

I wanted to post a few more rumours before I head out to HP in Houston for “HP Blades and Infrastructure Software Tech Day 2010” so it’s not to appear that I got the info from HP. NOTE: this is purely speculation, I have no definitive information from HP so this may be false info.

Blade Networks Announces Industry’s First and Only Fully Integrated FCoE Solution Inside Blade Chassis

BLADE Network Technologies, Inc. (BLADE), “officially” announces today the delivery of the industry’s first and only fully integrated Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE) solution inside a blade chassis.   This integration significantly reduces power, cost, space and complexity over external FCoE implementations. You may recall that I blogged about this the other day (click here to read),

HP Blades and Infrastructure Software Tech Day 2010 (UPDATED)

On Wednesday I will be headed to the 2010 HP Infrastructure Software & Blades Tech Day, an invitation only blogger event at the HP Campus in Houston, TX.  This event is a day and a half deep dive about the blade server market, key data center trends and client virtualization.  We will be with HP

IBM's New Approach to Ethernet/Fibre Traffic

Okay, I’ll be the first to admit when I’m wrong – or when I provide wrong information.   A few days ago, I commented that no one has yet offered the ability to split out Ethernet and Fibre traffic at the chassis level (as opposed to using a top of rack switch.)  I quickly found out

10 Things That Cisco UCS Polices Can Do (That IBM, Dell or HP Can't) recently posted a great write up on some things that Cisco’s UCS can do that IBM, Dell or HP really can’t. You can go to to read the full article, but here are 10 things that Cisco’s UCS Polices do: Chassis Discovery – allows you to decide how many links you should use from

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