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Overview of the Industry Top Blade Chassis

It occurred to me that I created a reference chart for showing what blade server options are available in the market (“Blade Server Comparison – 2018“) but I’ve never listed the options for blade server chassis.  In this post, I’ll provide you with overviews of blade chassis from Cisco, Dell EMC, HPE and Lenovo.  One of the things I’m not going to do is try and give Pro’s and Con’s for each chassis.  The reason is quite obvious if you have read this blog before, but in a nutshell, I work for Dell EMC, so I’m not going to promote or bash any vendor.  My goal is to simplify each vendor’s offerings and give you one place to get an overview of each blade chassis in the market.

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Industry’s First Ever See Through Blade Chassis

Are you one one of those people who feel that blade servers are too complex?  Do you have problems understanding what’s going on inside of a blade chassis?  If you said yes to either of the above questions, then you’ll want to check this blade chassis out.

One of my peers at Dell, Max Abelardo, recently created a sturdy plexiglass mock up of the Dell PowerEdge M1000e blade chassis to help demonstrate the simplicity of Dell’s blade solution.  According to Max, he started pondering the idea with a buddy who is a wood worker and 3.5 weeks later it was done.  Yes, this is a working mockup but probably not ideal for a datacenter.  Don’t go to your nearest Dell Solutions Center looking for one of these, because you won’t find it.  Max only made one and he uses it for his customers.  For more details on how this was made, I encourage you to reach out to Max on Twitter at @mabelard.



Clear M1000e - rear

Clear M1000e - Early Build

Clear M1000e - Early Build (rear)

Clear M1000e - Side

Clear M1000e - CMC

Clear M1000e - midplane

Clear M1000e - midplane2

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